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Personalised Champagne

Champagne brands available at Off Licences and Supermarkets may well be the best known. However, with the area of supply limited, only the largest producers can meet the retailers’ demand for volume so, although plentiful, these champagnes are not necessarily the best quality. Also, as the high level of advertising and promotional money required to establish and maintain these brands is inevitably reflected in the price, an imbalance of price and quality can develop.

Much of the finest champagne is produced by smaller, often family-owned businesses who, although making excellent quality champagne, simply cannot consider supplying the large demands of the major retailers.

Over many years Clipper Hampers gained a reputation for supplying excellent quality champagnes at extremely competitive prices by concentrating on these smaller independent producers and, for the last five years, we have offered two champagnes only. They are not usually found in retail outlets but often selected by good hotels, restaurants and caterers. Both are of excellent quality and each has its loyal supporters from our regular customers.

The prices of these champagnes are extremely competitive in terms of value and, because their names are relatively unknown, they lend themselves very well to own-branding, or personalisation – often a requirement for corporate hampers.

Although Champagne legislation is very strict in terms of the amount and detail of information that is required for own-branding, it doesn’t need to be obtrusive and leaves plenty of scope for individual requirements.

Of course, if you would rather leave the original label on the bottle of champagne, there is always scope to personalise the box or crate in which it is presented.

For further details of how you can obtain quality champagne with personalised labels at the keenest prices for corporate Christmas gifts, or at any other time, please email